Hi zine fest pals,

We are putting this year’s Sheffield zine fest on hold to support efforts to contain the coronavirus. If there is a way to host one before next year we will let you know, and we will contact those who applied to table to see if you’d still like to, but otherwise please assume we would like to put this event on in 2021 instead.

Your zine fest organising team includes folks with underlying health conditions and folks who work in frontline healthcare, so apologies for the radio silence from us. We’ve been kinda busy! We urge you to strictly follow social distancing measures to prevent it spreading via people who don’t show symptoms.

On what would have been the date for this year’s event, 16 May, we are hoping to host an online day of activities and share some zine prompts if we are able.

Over the coming weeks, please remember that some of our zinesters are on low incomes, some are crafters and artists who freelance, and many have already been self-isolating because they are more susceptible to coronavirus. We will be featuring our tablers’ work in the coming weeks and months – please support them if you can by ordering their work or commissioning their creative services online.

Huge thanks to the Festival of Debate and the Workstation – we hope to continue our great relationships with an outstanding festival and generous venue in future.

For now, there are a number of zine prompts put out by our friends and sibling zine fests, and some great downloads below.

Zine Downloads for Dark Times from our good friend Nina at Echo Zines in Belgium:

In these uncertain times when a lot of us are staying at home* to protect ourselves and others from the coronavirus, it’s so important to have some distraction and fun things to occupy the mind. Not all of us can cope well with being locked indoors for several weeks. One type of distraction can be reading zines, so here is a list of zines I’ve made or contributed to which are available to download for free in pdf format. You can read them on your screen or print them at home if you have a printer. Enjoy!


Quaranzine Fest 2020 ~ a viral safe-space! | APRIL 4th & 5th 2020 | #quaranzinefest – Quaranzine Fest is simple. Post your work on the platform of your choice April 4th and 5th with the hashtag #quaranzinefest – no submission process, no selection process, no fees, no leaders, no volunteers, no building, no table, no limit on vendors, no fire code restrictions, no peanut butter fingers touching your zines.


Sheffield Zine Fest co-host Chella has done some downloadable mini-zines, including a kid-friendly Passover Haggadah, and shares some other gems like printable watch-along bingo cards and a video dance-break archive.


US Radio station NPR has produced an excellent mini-zine about COVID-19 for kids by the brilliant Malaka Gharib on their Goats and Soda programme.


Sherwood Forest zine library in Austin, Texas is asking for scanned PDFs to build up a virtual zine library. You can find out how here –

 (please only scan your own zines – some zinesters do not consent to their work being shared in other formats)


And finally… Swansea Zine Fest are now hosting a virtual event on Saturday 10 May – check out their page for details

 – show them some love – we can’t wait to attend, ourselves!


Thanks again for all of your support –

Lots of love from

Chella and Bettie

Shout outs!

Massive thanks to the awesome Jonathan Wilkinson, the artist behind our poster art this year who super kindly allowed us to use the image.

Check out for more of Jonathan’s work.

We would also like to thank Festival of Debate, which we are part of again this year. The team have also donated funding to help run Sheffield Zine Fest for 2019 and 2020.

Founded in 2015, Festival of Debate is an annual series of panel discussions, debates, Q&As, artistic responses, keynote speeches and other public events in Sheffield, exploring politics, economics and society.

Thank you for another great year!

You guys. You guys!!! This has been awesome and we can’t thank you enough for tabling awesome wares, running amazing workshops, volunteering your hearts out, and for visiting and promoting the event and making our 4th zine fest such a success. Big up to the Hubs for hosting us in style and hooray for everyone who partied hard with us afterward with Girl Gang and Night Owls! We’ll be around throughout the year –  join the Sheffield Zine Fest community page on Facebook to stay in touch and find out about other events we’ll be involved with, and you can always reach us via our contact details on the menu link above. Thanks again from Chella and Bettie. xxx



Sheffield Zine Fest 2016!

The 4th annual Sheffield Zine Fest takes place on Saturday 30 April 2016 as part of the Year of Making and linking with Girl Gang Sheffield and Nightowls for evening entertainments!

This year we are supported by SHU Students’ Union LGBT+ Liberation Group and fundraising for SAYiT (Sheffield’s LGBT youth group).  The zine fest will take place at the Hallam Hubs from 11 am – 4 pm.

A list of exhibitors is under the Exhibitors tab in the menu.

Check out the Facebook page and Twitter for updates on the day!


The third annual Sheffield Zine Fest will be held on 14th March 2015 at Electric Works. The fest will run from 11am til 6pm with a full schedule of workshops throughout the day.

Zinesters! Get in touch to book your table now!

It’s here! It’s here!


It’s finally here! Today is the day! Come on down to Sheffield Zine Fest! We’ll be at the Electric Works from 11 am, just down the road from the bus station and the train station. The workshop schedule is up – just click on the menu above, and a list of tablers can be found under exhibitors. At lunchtime you may like to check out one of the nearby cafes like the Showroom, Site Canteen, or Tamper Coffee, and check the specials board at the Rutland for a zinester special!  Also at the Rutland, Blue Bee’s done us a Zine Fest beer on tap! We’re going to head there for tea after the fest and then head upstairs for the after party and podcast recording of a one-off live comp zine featuring some of your favourite zinesters and some lovely music from the amazing Ian Ashworth, Nat Johnson and Katherine Jackson! Need anything? Catch us on Twitter @sheffzinefest or by email:

Sleeping places?

Hello! We’re very excited that people are visiting from out of town, and want to encourage people to stick around for the evening activities and head over to Leeds Zine Fair the next day, so we’re going to try to match up sleeping places with people who need them. Priority is given to tablers at both Sheffield and Leeds, then tablers at Sheffield, and then zinesters we know who aren’t tabling but who are coming from out of town. If you need a space or have some space to offer, please email with answers to the following questions so we can add you to our grid!

This is not a formal arrangement and we don’t take responsibility for people taking up offers, but If you’re offering a space, it’s probably because you know us or other zinesters and artists in Sheffield, and would be doing this as a lovely favour!  If visitors to Sheffield would be happier booking a hotel room, there’s  a range of accommodation available in the area around the Zine Fest venues, and Jury’s Inn is probably the most affordable and convenient.

Your name?
Days (Fri? Sat? both?) and how many spaces needed?
Requirements? (single/double, floor ok, own sleeping bag, vegan, no pets, etc.)
Are you tabling? (tablers given priority)
Where are you travelling from?
What are your contact details?

Your name?
Do you have a sleeping place?
How many spaces and what days available?
What have you got on offer (room, floor, sofa, bed, food?)
Where do you live?
What are your contact details?