Sheffield Zine Fest 2013!

Save the date: Sheffield Zine Fest 2013 will be held on Saturday 16th March, 12 – 5pm at Electric Works, Sheffield.

A zine (pronounced ‘zeen’ like maga-zine) is a magazine or booklet that you make yourself, and give away, swap or sell for the cost of printing. What’s the point? To share your knowledge or your feelings or your experiences in a way that’s more tangible than blogging, less commercial and more immediate than print media. The focus is usually on content, but designs, styles and print methods vary widely and can look very interesting and unusual! With short runs, some zinesters have the time to hand print covers, sew bindings, or colour in pages individually.

A rough guide:

Zinester – someone who makes, reads, enjoys, trades, celebrates zines and zine culture.

Perzines – a portmanteau word for ‘personal zine’ – zines that are diarylike in style, and can explore serious issues and represent unique points of view.

Fanzine – traditionally, a zine that’s all about something you’re a fan of, from music to football.

Instructional zines – these teach you how to do something and are really handy!

Comic-zines – any category above, but done in a part drawn/part written format.

More details about the Zine Fest coming soon!

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