Sleeping places?

Hello! We’re very excited that people are visiting from out of town, and want to encourage people to stick around for the evening activities and head over to Leeds Zine Fair the next day, so we’re going to try to match up sleeping places with people who need them. Priority is given to tablers at both Sheffield and Leeds, then tablers at Sheffield, and then zinesters we know who aren’t tabling but who are coming from out of town. If you need a space or have some space to offer, please email with answers to the following questions so we can add you to our grid!

This is not a formal arrangement and we don’t take responsibility for people taking up offers, but If you’re offering a space, it’s probably because you know us or other zinesters and artists in Sheffield, and would be doing this as a lovely favour!  If visitors to Sheffield would be happier booking a hotel room, there’s  a range of accommodation available in the area around the Zine Fest venues, and Jury’s Inn is probably the most affordable and convenient.

Your name?
Days (Fri? Sat? both?) and how many spaces needed?
Requirements? (single/double, floor ok, own sleeping bag, vegan, no pets, etc.)
Are you tabling? (tablers given priority)
Where are you travelling from?
What are your contact details?

Your name?
Do you have a sleeping place?
How many spaces and what days available?
What have you got on offer (room, floor, sofa, bed, food?)
Where do you live?
What are your contact details?

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