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2017 Exhibitors

Bettie  / Fault and Fracture


Zine fest co-organiser Bettie is a nurse by day and zinester by night, and makes the perzine Fault and Fracture.


Chella Quint / Adventures in Menstruating


Chella Quint is a writer, designer, illustrator, comedian, sex education researcher, science fan and zinester from Brooklyn who now lives in Sheffield, where she co-organises Sheffield Zine Fest. She writes Adventures in Menstruating, It’s Not You. I Just Need Space (interplanetary letters of love and rejection), Wind Turbines: Really Big Fan, and creates STAINS™ fashions for her #periodpositive campaign.


Becky Kidner – Diary Drawings


I have an ongoing project: ‘Diary Drawings’, in which I have been documenting every day in drawings since September 2007. The content of the drawings refer a lot to pop culture – a lot of movies and TV shows that I watch. I also respond to places I’ve been and find that although the drawings are a personal response to life – there is always things in there which an audience can recognise and relate to.


Cool Schmool Zines


Holly Casio makes queer zines and comix about pop culture, class, mental health, and fandoms.


Edge of the Universe Printing Press


The Edge of the Universe Printing Press is a Yorkshire-based social enterprise that runs writing, printing, and publishing workshops. We’re all about creativity, accessibility, and getting everyone’s voices heard – and that’s more often than not through making zines!


Eimear Scullin Zines


Notts-based Irish zinester that makes zines based on work, life and travel.


Emily Tulett

I make per and fanzines centered around topics such as travel, D&D, video games and other geeky topics.




comics and drawings by Emma Thacker.


Fan Club Notts


Fan Club’s focus is to promote female-identifying artists, designers, musicians and creatives. As well as creating zines with submissions from women all over the world, we run a monthly event in Nottingham which we strive to make a safe space that is accessible for all. We are not-for-profit and put all money back in to our zines and events.


Foetid Gacha


Foetid Gacha – the mysterious capsule machine that houses slimes, cyclops, and other strangely adorable creatures. A first time zine creator, and avid lover of all things spooky and cute, who hopes you enjoy her creations as much as she loves to bring the little monsters to life.


Footprint Workers’ Co-op


Footprint has been knocking out zines since 1992, and while it’s great to see exciting self published DIY projects leaving our doors every day, we’ve decided it’s time to hang on to a few of them and sell some ourselves. We’ve been running a distro through stalls at zine fairs for a year or so now


Good Comics


Good Comics is a new micropublisher of comics and zines run by artists Pete Hindle, Paddy Johnston and Samuel C. Williams. Our aim is to promote cartoonists and artists with unique voices and with great stories to tell, whatever the format.


Hannah + Co

Hannah + Co: zines, comics and prints made by talented folk from Leeds to Lancaster. Featuring:

– Jake Lava –
Comic maker and animator based in Leeds.

– Liese –
Artist and illustrator based in Leeds. Eccentric tea drinker and expert reality dodger.

– Hannah Roast –
Artist / Illustrator based in Sheffield. Mainly found drinking tea and eating toast and making stuff.

– Matt Simmons –
The mind behind Bastard Galaxia – the webcomic where ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are meaningless and action figure sales are god!


Hickathrift Press


My zines are a mixture of raw confessional autobiography, satire, social commentary and dark absurdist humour. My work is accompanied by my own illustrations and lino cut prints. I have currently produced over 12 titles including various limited editions which come with original prints, collages, hand colouring and other unique additions.


How to draw like…


Andrea Joseph is a self taught illustrator who has created a series of zines all about drawing. Every square inch is jam packed with illustrations and ideas to get people drawing. In 2016 she began publishing a new graphic novel in bite sized Zine chunks.


Indestructible Energy


Indestructible Energy is a limited edition, submission based, art zine.
This zine explores the relationship between reproduced and original artwork within the context of the traditional fanzine without being bound by conventional zine publishing practices.


It Snipped My Heart

Zines about TV, films, mental illness, and mini golf


Kellie doodles


Birmingham based artist and comic creator who’s really into space, witches, and cats. Currently enjoys making comics about all of those things and more! She also has an on going series of books illustrating inspirational women who light up her life.


Kim Searle


Kim makes a variety of zines, screenprinted patches, cards and more based on the themes of mental health, introversion, being queer and having a shameless love of awful puns.


Lore the Tone Press


Lore the Tone Press consists of Sam Duffy and Doug Jensen who are Scottish born, Sheffield based zinesters, illustrators and writers. We make zines, pins and comics with a particular interest in folklore, fairytales, pop culture and general geekery.


Nick Soucek


Nick is a town planner and maker of zines. He co-founded Bear Pit Zines and the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair.


One Way Ticket to Cubesville


Cubesville zine is a mid-air collision of anarchy and absurdity, which showers burning embers over a vast landscape of DIY and punk culture. The Vegan’s Guide and Victorian Vegan provide new and rather absurd perspectives on vegan culture.


pen fight distro


A zine & DIY art distro based in Manchester, UK. Publishing and distributing feminist zines, art zines, perzines, fanzines & more.


Porlock Press

Porlock Press – presents regular film events in Nottingham and works with artists on creative projects. The first Porlock Press publication ‘OR A HEAD TRIP IN A COOK-UP. A LUMP.’ is an illustrated reworking of the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem Kubla Khan.


Rob Jackson Comics


Rob Jackson is a cartoonist from Bolton and has been drawing and self publishing comics for over ten years. He has drawn two books ‘The Storytellers’ and ‘Corporation Pop’ and many comics such as ‘Goblin Hall’, ‘Its a Mans Life in the Ice Cream Business’ and has just finished the ‘Flying Sausage ACademy’ series set in a strange school.




Steve Larder is an artist, illustrator, and publisher of indie-comics and zines. He has been publishing his auto-biographical illustrated zine, ‘Rum Lad’ since 2006 and is a regular contributor to ‘As You Were’ – an international punk comic anthology. Steve lives and works in Nottingham, UK and frequently attends small press events and speaking engagements as well as teaching small publishing workshops. When Steve’s inky fingers are not drawing they making a racket in various music projects.


Silvia Carrus Comics


Silvia Carrus makes comics and prints featuring social issues, mostly feminism, through animals and with a hint of humour.


Someone, Somewhere


Laura & Janet are Midlands-based zinesters and bloggers.
Laura makes beautifully drawn comics and travel zines, in the style of Lucy Knisley, and is also the editor of a My So-Called Life compzine.
Janet is the writer of perzines which deal with everything from music fandom to feminist and queer ideas, as well as Brick, a zine about abortion.


Stirred Press

Stirred are a feminist collective based in Manchester. We make monthly zines based on the themes of our spoken word events, as well as running workshops and events in the North West.


Sugar Paper


zines for the crafty folk, fanatics, POC and the wokeing class!


Synchronise Witches Press, the Chapess zine


Synchronise Witches press and zine distro specialises in new writing by women + queers, home of the Chapess zine


The Moon Underground


The Moon Underground is the art, illustration, comics, and projects of Richard Swan. I make wordless comics and other printed bits and pieces, and I draw pen and ink artwork and illustration.


The Screever


The Screever’ is a little zine made in the West Midlands by two sober vegetarians, with each issue featuring a bunch of interviews, reviews, and other bits and bobs. We also release bits of music, sell a couple of totes and patches, and one of the team also makes some perzines and comics.


Totally Tubular


Ed Syder draws pictures and runs comics workshops for children.


UHM! Zines



vampire sushi distro

Vampire Sushi, the zine distro with a bite, is based in Chatham, Kent (UK) selling all sorts of awesome zines, especially perzines, feminist zines, queer zines and much more. it’s run by Tukru, the writer of long running perzine Your Pretty Face is Going Straight To Hell, from a corner of their living room.


Will Be Betrayed


Focussing on punk, queer, mental health and perzines








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