Apply here to be invited when we host our next zine fest!


Spaces are approx 2ft x 3ft (half table). If you want to share with someone in particular that’s cool, just let us know.

Tables are £7.50 for a half table. Don’t worry if you only have a couple of zines, there will be a communal table too which we will ask you to staff for a short while on a rota.

Payment will be taken via paypal invoices at the time of confirmation.

Artists, Crafters, Makers and Publishers

This event is a zine fest first and foremost. However, In recognition of our multi-talented pals and the community links between zines, comics, illustration, print, crafting and making, we have decided to open a limited number of half tables to these other folks at the rate of £15 per half table. This reflects the higher pricing, cultural aesthetic, or for-profit ethos of a number of these media. Please apply with a link to your work and we will get back to you.

How can you tell if you should pay the higher rate? If you are an artist, designer or art/design student, if you call your work artist books, books, or chapbooks, as opposed to zines, if the majority of what you sell is craft items, prints, stationery or other ephemera, or if you plan to sell a majority of individual items at more than £4 per item, these are all good indicators.

We support and value the zine scene for cultivating an ethos of not-for-profit, small scale, DIY publications and shared experience. We also encourage tablers and guests to bring free zines, badges, stickers and other give-aways to leave on a free table, and be up for trading zines.

Questions? Email: sheffieldzinefest(at)