Zines for working with young people

A lot of the time zines turn up in schools and classrooms almost by accident – lots of ‘make a magazine’ or ‘produce a booklet’ activities use zine-making skills without passing one zine literacy. This page includes a mix of projects and activities for use with young people that sometimes say they’re zines and are created by zinesters, and sometimes don’t, but we feel that all of these are valuable tools for supporting young people (and not so young people) in opportunities for formal and informal learning.

First up is a template from cartoonist and zinester Ricky Vigil with a one-page autobiographical mini zine. Ricky says: “I designed it for the teenagers I work with in my afterschool program, but anyone can fill it out!” You can download a blank version here as a png or pdf file and you can find out more about Ricky’s work here.

My 2020 Covid Time Capsule: What can we say? This outstandind mix-and-match DIY diary of core and bonus pages from Natalie Long of Long Creations blew us away when it first went viral on Facebook last year. With optional pages for kids and adults and unique situations, this free journal allows people to chronicle their experiences of the pandemic in real time or in retrospect.

And just a quick shout to also check out Emily’s workbook all about self-esteem on our own page of occupational health resources in the menu above – this zine is specifically aimed at young people.